Documentary filmmaker and photographer, Alicia Afshar blends traditional journalism and experimental filmmaking to give new perspective on social issues like gender inequality, cultural identity, and freedom from oppression. Her latest film takes place on the island of Vieques and tells the story of a courageous Puerto Rican woman, fighting for a better life for her family. The film explores a dance between the island's wounded cry and a mother's demand for change.  

Feel free to reach out for work inquiries, to collaborate, or just to chat about popcorn. Alicia is located in the Greater Los Angeles Area. 



Awards and Recognition

2016 Alexia Foundation Grant, Documentary Short: Próspero
2016 National Geographic Grant
2016  Eddie Adams Workshop XXIX, Student
2016  New York Times Portfolio Review, Selected Participant
2015 New York Times Lens Blog, Featured Story
2014  69th College Photographer of the Year | Interpretive Eye Category, Award of Excellence